Really Big Coloring Books 5-pocket rack 12 ea. of 5 titles. price is $4.11 per book delivered and free rack

Really Big Coloring Books display 5-pocket rack
Really Big Coloring Books display 5-pocket rack
Item# RBCB 5 pocket display
Regular price: $201.00
Sale price: $201.00

Product Description

This retail unit features up to 5 titles at a time in a floor display that has a footprint of about 18" x 23". You can easily double your investment with the Really Big Coloring Books. The average retail nationally on this line of books is $6.99 per title.(Compare at for $9.99) Five Pockets Each pocket holds up to 12 books. Courrage rack will last for a year. Great for in store/in-out/ and retail promotions.

You may order this display unit online and we will call you for your chosen product mix. We will not ship this order until you are contacted and you choose your book titles.

You can also call us at 1-800-244-2665 anytime and place your order via telephone.

Different titles for each quarter are available and product arrives usually within 10 days or order placement