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Really Big Coloring Books, ® Inc. was founded by Wayne Bell in 1981. The company incorporated in 1988, registered their trademark and began its current 30-plus year business into fundraising and publishing. Bell studied agriculture at the University of Missouri-Columbia, has natural speaking talents, is a visionary, an educated sales and marketing professional and has worked in the publishing industry since his teenage years.

In 2004, Kenneth N. Rich joined the company as the COO and RBCB business partner. Mr. Rich has a strong background in the financial industry, having worked with the modern integration of multinational financial banking systems. With degrees in marketing and business, he has helped to bring RBCB to its current global structure. Ken is also involved with company strategic development with particular attention to details, new company relationships and pertinent government-business industry regulations and changes.

RBCB owns approximately 1200 registered working Internet domain names in several countries relating to the words, coloring (colouring) and books—while successfully beginning to vertically integrate this sector of the children’s publishing industry and dominating the Internet side of the coloring book business. The company has a dynamic web presence from to mass retail, independent grocers to local bookstores, retailers and is enjoyed by those that enjoy coloring. RBCB has a recognizable brand that is permeating the globe.

In 2009, RBCB helped launch the nation’s first electronic and digital format coloring book for in-home and professional use on a mass retail scale. In 2013, the company launched digital coloring books globally in 29 select countries in partnership with Samsung’s Learning Hub application.

RBCB serves clients from the educational sector to government, the movie industry, and many groups of business, local authors and publishers, to a mom with a child’s birthday party. The company’s mission is to provide classic, colorful and unique coloring and activity book products to all clients. With attention to the brick and mortars, RBCB has made entrance into more than 15,000 retail outlets with major distributors in several countries. When you think kids coloring books, think

Known for their market leading positions, the Really Big Coloring Books ® Inc. family of products is classic, colorful, unique and on occasion controversial. Their products are a true factual representation of the landscape through the medium of kids coloring and activity books. Covering numerous topics and subjects, the company’s products not only reflect America but are multicultural, multinational, many are bilingual used by educators, parents and children between the ages of 2-13 years. With full service operational graphics, design, print and marketing capabilities, the company acquires and looks for art talent throughout and beyond North America.

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