Child Safety LapTop Coloring Books® (17" wide x 11" tall)

Child Safety LapTop Coloring Books® (17" wide x 11" tall)
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Product Description

Child Safety is a LapTop coloring book which discusses safety topics such as fire prevention, using the Internet, strangers, riding in cars and school buses, hazardous weather conditions and more which today’s children need to learn. Review these techniques and safety guidelines with your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews after they color and learn from this activity book.

These new books are simply fantastic and fun!

The LapTop books bring out the art of coloring in this high-tech age and help promote creativity in children and parents alike.

A colorfully, fun panoramic coloring book that is wider than it is tall, LapTop Coloring Books open like a laptop computer and will easily sit on a child’s lap because of its plastic spiral binding. The books “flip open” from the top. With 24 pages measuring 17” wide by 11” tall, this playful panoramic book includes interactive “Get Creative” pages that help promote creativity and coloring!